Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick Or Treat

This year we joined our friends the Swanson Families for a great night of trick or treating and some tasty enchiladas too!

Here are all the kiddos right before we hit the road to go trick or treating. Tatum and Owen had so much fun this year and were crazy with excitement. Even with several reminders to not run, poor Owen could hardly help himself and ended up tripping on his ghost costume at least 2 or 3 times. Oh well, it didn't seem to put a damper on his Halloween night.

Happy Halloween!!

Tonight will mark our 5th and final Halloween celebration. As much fun as we have all had this year, I am ready to move beyond Halloween. :-) Tatum and Owen both chose what they wanted to dress up as this year. Owen has known since August that he wanted to be a ghost. Tatum had a more difficult time deciding, going back and forth between a princess, a ballerina and a witch...she ultimately decided on a ballerina.

Grandma Cheryl and Papa's annual pumpkin carving party

Tatum's Kindergarten pumpkin carving and cookie decorating party

Like Sister, Like Brother

I always find myself running for the camera when I discover the kids sharing sweet, peaceful moments like these. I also think it's pretty cute that they are both sucking their thumbs.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Impromtu Family Photo Shoot

The other day Owen's teacher asked that each child bring a 4X6 family photo to school. Since all our family photos are packed away in storage right now, it inspired this spur of the moment family photo shoot in our beautiful, but temporary front yard. We put our camera on a retaining wall ledge, set the timer, and spent about five minutes trying out different poses. I was pleasantly surprised at how well they turned out...almost everyone is looking at the camera and smiling! Here are a couple of our favorites.

Oh, by the way, for those of you who don't know yet...WE'VE MOVED!! Our house near Kayak Point sold on the 22nd of September. We are headed South to the Everett area so we can be closer to the kids' school and pretty much everything (grocery stores, kids' sports/activities, etc)! While we house hunt we're living in a mother-in-law "apartment" on the bottom floor of my aunt and uncles' house at Priest Point in Marysville. We LOVE the view!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Isaac's Bath Time

These pictures were taken a few months ago now, but I thought they were so darn cute along with the story behind them that I just had to share.

From about 10 - 13 months, Isaac was absolutely terrified of the bath tub. I'm not sure what brought it on, but Isaac made it quite clear he wanted nothing to do with a bath. Even the noise of turning on the faucet had him frantically scrambling for the door.

Prior to these pictures being taken, I had attempted once again to give Isaac a bath in the kids' tub. After seeing him hysterically cry and try to claw his way out of the tub, I decided I needed a different game plan. I gave the kitchen sink a whirl and the difference in Isaac's attitude was like night and day...he LOVED it (except for when I needed to rinse his hair...he still hates that part)!! I realized Isaac's hysteria mostly came from not feeling secure in a BIG tub and had very little to do with the water itself.

Now, at 14 months, Isaac does just fine in a bathtub. He's still not a fan of rinsing his hair, but we're working on it!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Summer Highlights

Here are a few of the highlights from the summer of 2010...

We love camping!

This summer we spent nearly a month in our trailer! I love that when we're camping we have no schedule and no commitments. I also love the time we get to spend together as a family of 5! One of our favorites trips this summer was to Ohanapecosh campground at Mt. Rainier National Park. I've never felt more away from it all than was beautiful.

The falls we saw on our first real hike with all the kids.

Water Break

Tatum completed her first Junior Ranger Class and became an official Junior Ranger of Mt. Rainier National Park. She loved this and took her role as a Junior Ranger very seriously. I wish I had my camera rolling as she raised her right hand and repeated the Junior Ranger oath to the Ranger instructing her class.

Mill Bay at Lake Chelan

Our home away from home! This summer we made two trips to Mill Bay spending just over 3 weeks there and enjoying every minute of it. The kids were able to experience lots of firsts...our trip to Stehekin, tubing behind cousin Stephanie's boat and kayaking with Grandma. Here are some of my favorite pictures from our trips.

Issac's Sleeping Quarters

Isaac's First Birthday!

With Isaac's birthday falling in the end of July, I'd imagine he will have several "destination birthday" celebrations. This year it happened to be Long Beach, Washington.

Isaac's birthday cake was my very first cake baked in the trailer...yes, it came out of a box, but I was quite proud of how it turned out.

Oops...Isaac wanted to add his own special touches to his birthday cake.

Issac's first taste of cake and his eyebrows say it all...YIKES, this frosting is SWEET!!

I can't believe his first year is already behind us! Let me just say, the more kids you have the faster time flies. I'm trying to soak it all in as best I can!!


This was Scott and the kids' first trip to Stehekin. Our family along with my Grandma, Mom and Clint, auntie Rachel and cousin Stephanie made the hour and a half trip up to Stehekin. We split up into two groups between Stephanie's boat and my Mom and Clint's boat. I was worried about how the kids would do with the long boat ride, but have since learned that a boat motor can work wonders. All three kids conked out at some point during the trip...Isaac pretty much slept the entire way up lake and the entire way back down. Stehekin is a beautiful place and I look forward to taking the kids again when they are a bit older.